We repair injection molds and tools without their missing drawings.

When a fault occurs on the injection molds during production, we are able to react very quickly to remove any deficiencies.

We provide a comprehensive service, backed by many years of know-how.

Personally, we arrive to the customer, check the tool, suggest the most effective repair method, take the tool to our company, repair it and return it to the customer at a pre-agreed time.

We provide 100% service to our customers, whom we greatly appreciate.

We use the following technologies:

Laser welding

  • Laser welding to the desired hardness, with the desired material (e.g., damaged edges on the inserts into the molds, broken section bars, damaged shaped portions, cracks and other damage.)
  • Laser welding can be used for almost any material (hardened steel, unhardened steel, copper, bronze , aluminum, etc.)

EDM machining

  • EDM sinking including electrodes production
  • Wire Cutting including electrodes production
  • CNC milling including electrodes production


  • surface grinding
  • cylindrical grinding
  • milling
  • turning
  • piercing holes

Polishing surfaces to a high luster

Servicing, cleaning and maintaining injection molds

Injection molds are stored in heated spaces. We use modern detergents and preservatives, environmentally-friendly and harmless to the human body.


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